Sponsoring International Workers

sponsoring international workers


  • Advice and Assistance with Sponsor Licence Applications to Employ Workers from outside of the UK;
  • Advice on Sponsor Management Roles and On-Going Responsibilities as a Licence Holder;
  • Tier 2 Applications for Main Applicants and Family Members;
  • Tier 5 Applications for Creative Workers, Sports Persons, Government Authorised Exchange and many others;
  • Super Premium Service with a 5 working day Turnaround Time on Applications (Conditions Apply*).

The above list is not exhaustive and should you need advice on anything related to employing a migrant worker for your business in the UK or if you are either a Tier 2 Highly Skilled Migrant or Tier 5 Worker you can call us to discuss your options.

Sponsoring International Workers who are Highly Skilled Migrants is important for the UK to develop and the Government understands this, which is why you can apply for a Licence for sponsoring international workers in the UK who are Highly Skilled or Experts in their field.

We have the experience and the resources to help your Business Secure the Licence in order to employ a Highly Skilled Worker to help your business grow.

If you are a Tier 2 Worker we can help you with your application as well as your family members.

If you are looking to enter the UK under the Tier 5 scheme we can guide you through our expertise and through our panel of experts to ensure that you are able to come and undertake the task at hand with ease.

Unlike other firms our advice doesn’t stop once your application is completed, we are here for you all the way through for your business and for you as a Tier 2 or Tier 5 Migrant to advise and assist whenever you need us so that you may continue sponsoring international workers.

We are one of the very few Law Firms in UK listed on the Governments Department for International Trade platform whereby businesses from around the world are able to find us and instruct us to guide their move to the UK.

Our expertise lies in understanding what a business needs to ensure it complies with the UK Government rules on employing migrant workers as well as what s required for a successful application for the Tier 2 and Tier 5 Migrant.

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