Immigration Deception

Immigration Deception

What can Nido Do for YOU?

  • Representation before the Home Office in relation to an allegation of deception, this could be due to ETS TOEIC issues, HMRC Tax Amendments or any other allegation in relation to deception;
  • Expertise in defending allegations under paragraph 322(2) or 322(5) under the Immigration Rules;
  • Experience in winning ETS TOEIC cases and HMRC Tax Amendment cases;
  • Representation from Application Stage through to Appeals and Judicial Review Claims.

The above list is not exhaustive and should you need advice on anything related to an allegation of deception made against you by the Home Office you could call us to discuss your options.

The Home Office following the airing of the infamous BBC Panorama Programme in relation widespread abuse in English Tests led to a crusade against everyone that had ever taken an ETS TOEIC language test, whether or not that person cheated.

Our Solicitor Naveed Abraham has working knowledge of such cases and has a high success rate since 2014 when this became a reason for refusal. Having successfully won cases at all stages, which include Appeals, Judicial Review Claims and Nationality Reconsideration Cases; we can say we are experts in this particular field of Immigration Law.

More recently the use of paragraph 322(5) which is draconian in its nature has led to us defending people that have made innocent and legal tax amendments only to be told that they are being removed under a paragraph which relates to terrorism and criminals.

If you need an expert to guide you through these deception allegations then contacting NIDO will be the first step in the right direction.

With expertise from many sources such as accountants, forensic reports, expert witnesses and solicitors we can help you successfully defend against an unreasonable allegation of deception made by the Home Office.

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