Home Office Fines

Home Office Fines

What can NIDO do for you?

  • Civil Penalty Defence following alleged Illegal Working;
  • Advice and Assistance on Employer Checking Service and ensuring compliance with Immigration Requirements on employing Migrant Workers;
  • Expertise advising on preventing illegal working;
  • Access to experts to provide the defence needed for a statutory excuse;
  • Help with avoiding closure of business following civil penalty and negotiate payment plans to suit the business needs.

The above list is not exhaustive and should you need advice on anything related to a civil penalty issued to you or your business for illegal working you could call us to discuss your options.

Since 2012 the Home Office has created a hostile environment, which gives the Secretary of State for the Home Department extra powers to issue civil penalties in the UK for alleged illegal working.

Businesses and Individuals have been fined millions of pounds over the years as a result of penalties, which have resulted in business closure.

Our advice and assistance can not only help you defend such allegations but also ensure that the result does not end up in your business closing down because of being unable to pay the fines.

Our resources include business planners, accountants, advisers and solicitors who can help prove the innocence and if not then get the best result possible to keep the disruption of business to a minimal amount.

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