Fee Structure

Our Fee Pricing Structure

At NIDO we charge the following hourly rate dependent on experience of the staff member whom you choose to have your work done from, this is for all types of work which is listed on our website:

  • Senior Partner / Associate Solicitor – 5 Years PQE + £300 + VAT (£360 per hour);
  • Solicitor – 1 Years to 5 Years PQE £200 + VAT (£240 per hour);
  • Junior Solicitor - £150 + VAT (£180 per hour);
  • Trainee Solicitor / Paralegal - £50 + VAT (£60 per hour)

However some of our services are charged at a fixed fee basis, these relate to Immigration Services that we offer at NIDO.

Once we have spoken with you and assessed your circumstances we will advise you whether you meet the requirements for the application that you seek to file.

As part of this service we will continue to work on your application no matter how long it takes and there will be no additional charges unless there is a significant change in circumstances or you change your instructions.

Immigration Applications depending on the route that you seek to take involve different levels of work and expertise for which reason fees differ for each type of application.

When you contact us for your Immigration Case we discuss your circumstances with you in detail and provide to you more than one option that you can take, including the pros and cons for each one as well as the costs involved.

Our service also includes advising you on the documents required and the format in which they need to be prior to submission of the documents with the Home Office or the Entry Clearance Officer.

Once your application is filed we remain in contact with you and the Home Office until your application decision is made.


At NIDO we speak to clients from all parts of the world and sometimes this means that you need an interpreter for your meeting.

We will try to accommodate as best as we can but if you require an interpreter we will inform you of the costs associated with this, if you have someone that can speak your language and English then you can bring them along with you or give us permission to speak to them about your case.

In the event that your documents need translation we will advise you on the costs and give you the option of having these done yourself if you wish to do so.


Our Fees do not include payments to the Home Office, Barristers Fees, Special Delivery Postage or Courier Costs etc.

We will advise you of the costs in advance so that you are able to compare and confirm which price you want to proceed with.

Sometimes our clients have a courier service or Barrister in mind that they wish to use, in that event we will get a quote and forward the same to you for you to make payment.

Please note we do not seek to negotiate price for third parties and therefore will simply request a quote and inform you of the quote.


All the applications which we have listed on our site for immigration services form part of the services listed on our website are charged at a fixed fee rate which means that it is on the basis that the matter does not become unnecessarily complicated or protracted in which case we reserve the right to charge a further fee.

The fixed fees include your initial advice and options that we provide to you, the advice on the information and documents that you will need to provide and consideration of this evidence and documents whilst preparing your case. Preparation and filing of the work you require and correspondence with the Home Office or Tribunals until the decision on the application or appeal is made.


Tier 1 Entrepreneur Applications - (Extension and ILR applications only): £4000 - £10500
Tier 1 Investor Applications: £10000 - £15000
Innovator Applications: £8000 - £10000* 2-Stage Work please call to discuss
Start-up Visa Applications: £7000 - £10000*  2-Stage Work please call to discuss
EEA National & Family Member Applications: £1000
Representative of Overseas Business: £7000 - £10500
Tier 2, 5 & 4 Sponsor Licence Application: £4000 - £10000* Dependent on Business Size
Tier 2 Applications: £1200 - £3000
Turkish Businessperson Visa Applications: £2000 - £10000* Dependent on complexity and size of business
Immigration Deception Appeals: £4000 - £8000
Brexit Consultancy on Businesses: £Hourly Rate Only* see above
  • All Above Prices are Excluding VAT where Applicable.
  • Last Updated on 28 July 2020