Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sometimes you may have a question that does not require a call, we have therefore listed some frequently asked questions below for you to browse through. If these do not answer your questions then do not worry we are still happy to take your call!

How Much do you charge?

Each case is different hence each matter is charged differently. We understand that legal fees can be very expensive therefore we try our utmost to keep our fees competitive whilst ensuring our work is exceptional compared to others. You can call us for a quote and if you have a written quote from another like for like firm we will aim to match it for you if we cannot beat it.

Do you do Legal Aid?

Unfortunately no, we will however seek to obtain this contract soon so please do call to check.

Are you an OISC firm?

No, we are a Solicitors firm who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Whilst OISC representatives can only do certain levels of work in Immigration and Asylum we do not need that, as Solicitors we are qualified to work in all areas of Immigration and Asylum.

Can we just come in to see you?

Unfortunately no, it is easier and more professional if you could book an appointment prior to coming in to see us. Legal Advice is not one which it is suitable to just walk in and seek advice, therefore by calling us first and advising what help you need we can be best prepared to guide you perfectly on what you need.

How do we book an appointment?

It is easy, simply call us. We will go through some basic details and get you booked in as soon as possible.

Where are you based?

We are based in Birmingham but we do have meeting facilities in city centres including Manchester, London, Leeds, Nottingham and Bristol.

We need an appointment booked in for you and can arrange a suitable time to see you.