Complex Immigration Cases


What can NIDO do for you?

  • Defending claims of Immigration Law Breaches made by the Home Office;
  • Advice and Assistance on Depravation of Citizenship;
  • Good Character Ground Refusal Challenges under the British Nationality Act 1982;
  • Defending Individuals and Businesses alleged to have facilitated illegal immigration.

The above list is not exhaustive and should you need advice on anything related to your complex immigration matter you could call us to discuss your options.

Our personnel has experience in defending businesses and individuals who have been reprimanded by the UK Government for alleged facilitations of immigration law breaches such as illegal working, people trafficking and many other areas of this ever changing law.

If you find yourself being threatened with depravation of your citizenship you will need the right answers put before the Secretary of State for the Home Department which is where we come in, our advice and assistance has helped others in successfully defending wrongly suggested allegations by the UK Government in attempting to take away the British Citizenship of persons who may have obtained this whilst in the UK.

We can help and guide you successfully in defending any allegations which are of a complex nature due to our experience in being well versed in the Immigration Rules, Cases and Guidance used by the UK Government.

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