Businesses and Brexit


What can nido do for you?

  • Register your EU National Workers and their Family Members ahead of Brexit;
  • Advice and assistance on maintaining records to avoid illegal working;
  • Provide ongoing advice on how to employ workers from the EU whilst Brexit is in the transitional period;
  • Advice on alternative routes to keep the EU worker(s) for your business in the UK

The above list is not exhaustive and should you need advice on anything related to your EU Workers in your business you can call us to discuss your options.

Brexit will be affecting many businesses in the UK when the final agreement is in place.

This could mean keeping your workforce in the UK and ensuring that your business does not suffer as a result of any workers who need to leave or the threat of removing them from the UK.

We have been advising businesses and helping them secure their employees so that when Brexit does go ahead they won't be seeing their staff leave too.

If you are a business that employs workers from the EU and needs to secure their workforce we can help.

You may even need advice and assistance after Brexit so that your business is not penalised for any illegal working allegations, we can help there too.

Our expertise lies in understanding business and ensuring our client's are able to do what they do whilst not losing their biggest asset, their workforce.

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