NEWS – PRESS RELEASE – NIDO – Vietnamese Solicitor Birmingham We are pleased to confirm that NIDO has a new Solicitor in our team. NIDO are proud to announce that Ms Lani Nguyen has joined NIDO. She is a highly sought-after Solicitor from the Birmingham region due to her legal and language skills, making her someone that can serve clients from the South East Asian community with ease. Ms Nguyen is a Vietnamese Solicitor who has fully qualified in the UK and is in fact one of the few Vietnamese Solicitors in the Birmingham region who is fluent in Vietnamese and English. At NIDO weRead More →

UK Business Immigration Solicitors Birmingham Tier 1 Entrepreneur Initial Application As in our previous blog post in a series of posts we will cover what you need for a successful application in order to obtain a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. The basic requirements are: Have access to £50,000 if applying using a UK entrepreneurial seed funding competition; a UK government department making funds available or a venture capital firm registered with the FCA; Have access to £200,000 available either in your accounts or a third party; Meet the English Language Requirement; Meet the Maintenance Funds Requirement; Be a Genuine Entrepreneur with a Business Plan thatRead More →