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Turkish European Communities Association Agreement (ECAA) known as the Ankara Agreement is a type of visa which is applied by people who wish to set up business or work in the UK that hold Turkish nationality.

Ankara Agreement was signed by the European Economic Community and Turkey in Ankara in 1963. According to this agreement, parties cannot set out rules causing harder liability for national of Turkey compared to rules that existed in the date of agreement.

Many European countries are a party of the Agreement. However, a few countries implement it and the UK is a country that applies it in the most efficient way.

The UK, becoming the member of European Economic Community in 1972, has implemented the Ankara Agreement to its own legal system by legislations and case laws.

Procedure for visa based on Ankara Agreement in UK was slightly different until 16 March 2018. It was applied as follows; when a visa was granted, a year leave to remain and work was given. It was reapplied at the end of the one-year to extend visa for three years. An Applicant could then apply for indefinite leave to remain after four years. However, Home Office changed the process of the visa after the case of R (Aydogdu) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] UKUT 167 (IAC).

The current procedure is that a one-year leave to remain is granted, following this an Applicant is able to apply for an extension for three years. Applicant may apply the indefinite leave to remain after the five years and may apply the British citizenship one year after obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain. It ıs important to note that citizens can have dual citizenship, therefore, becoming British citizenship do not cause to loss of Turkish citizenship.

This visa allows not only applicant but also his/her family members to work and remain in the UK.

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